Musicians… gifted? or Great!

The difference….

There is a profound difference between gifted musicians.  There are those that play with a passion that shows how good they are.  And there are those that become one with the music and show the beauty and heart of the piece they are playing.

I would rather watch or listen to one of the latter any day.

Oh the passionate performer may be absolutely perfect in his delivery. Not a note or time out of place.  But this should be relegated to those times when he is being tested or competing.  Not when playing to an audience.

A piece of great music can be a testament to the heart of music itself.  It has its own passion that can be buried by an impartial delivery.

So listen up oh gifted ones…

To be a great player, you must love the piece you are playing. Climb inside it and FEEL it!  You can then use your talent to give this music to your audience.

It is not about performing an exercise, it is not about showing how good you are.  It is about moving an audience with the majesty and magic of the piece itself.

No audience can sit there and not be moved if you are giving them the love you are feeling.  They will react.  They have to if they are not made of stone.

So don’t be a really gifted musician.  Be a great one. One that is remembered by anyone who has ever heard you.

You have the gift that can give light and love to thousands.  Don’t hide behind perfection.  Then you will be remembered only by purists…. and not by hearts you never touched.

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