A Cat’s natural favorites….

Have you ever considered the strange foods we give our cats?
These dried and canned culinary delights are supposed to be the cat’s natural favorites. But… When did you ever see a cat running down a cow? Or standing next to the bears on a river and catching salmon? A chicken I’ll give them… as long as the rooster isn’t around, but a turkey?
Have you ever seen a cat diving for shrimp? Or out on the deep blue sea catching tuna!!!
I have been watching nature shows for ages and never ran across the like.

Now, if they want to make flavors like…. squirrel, rabbit, lizard, mouse, dove or other small bird, goldfish, hamster, and so one. Then we are talkin’ the cat’s natural favorites.

Come on Purina, Friskies and Fancy Feast… get with the program!

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