And the world changes

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a man stood looking at a devastated landscape.

Lightening had hit in the forrest and the fire that resulted had made everyone, man and animal alike, flee. He watched one tree stump that still had a fire in it, still flaring up from the coals of the once living wood. and he had an idea.
Excited, he sought out his friends and ran to them with his idea. To the first he said” Oh listen! I have had an idea!”
The friend asked, “what is an idea?”
“Something new!” he said.
“There is nothing new”. the friend said. and walked off.
The man went to another friend and then another with the same results.
“Can’t be done”, was a common reply. After a while he decided maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all. And it died.
A hundred years later, another man stood looking at the burned out forrest near his home and got an idea. He made a crude temporary basket and lined it with damp moss, then found some cool coals and lined the moss with that, then took a branch and scraped some of the still burning coals form a tree trunk into the basket and ran to show his friends. They were all amazed at what he had done. All wanted to see it and have him tell how he thought of it again and again.
He may not have been the first to think of it, but he was the first to act on it.
Man now learned to control fird use it. All because a man with an idea acted instead of trying to talk it to death.
People are like that today. Someone gets an idea and tries to get others interested in it.   If it is new, then people without vision to imagin what can be done with a new idea, never get it, and have no interest to try. Others just go ahead and do it! And just like that, the world changes!

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