more Yarn!

I come into my little home all excited. I have a new bunch of yarn to work with.
A couple skeins are already slated for a new idea, and I fish them out of my bag and place them in a working project bag, just for them. This I place on the floor by the desk….. moving over the two current project bags in place there. The rest will have to be put away.
Now there is the problem.
I look to the top of my clothes cabinet, but it is already filled with a huge box of yarn and two giraffes. Under the second desk, is no good, I have three stacked plastic containers stuffed with yarn there, with my looms on top.
I turn and gaze hopefully at my book case, but it is packed top to bottom with bags of yarn and of course books.
Tho top is alread filled with a plastic case of yarn bits and skien ends that I use to try out new ideas.
The only other place is on top of the cabinets in my bathroom/storage area/kitchen supply room. The top of one is too full with plastic containers of… you guessed it, yarn! The other has toilet paper and othere bathroom supplies on it. Hmmm.
In my back portch/kitchen, there is slim pickin’s. The floor in front of the toaster oven already has a box of yarn I got in the mail last week.
Under the bed is no good either… I actually have plastic roll out containers with clothes in them!
So… what am I to do?
Hmmm, well if I put some of my clothes outside in storage, and made a hanging TP holder in the bathroom I might be able to use the top of the second cabinet.
One problem… I don’t have any cotton yarn to make the hanging basket for the TP.
Oh well back to the store for more yarn!

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