Pattern for infinity scarf

Pattern for the Infinity scarf

1 skein 7oz worsted weight (4 ply) yarn. With ‘H’ hook

Now… I wanted my scarf to be 4′ around, but the chain is zigzaged along the sides of the beginning squares, so how do you know how long to make it?. Well, with a little math work, I determined that by dividing the number of inches I wanted by .7, I would get the correct length of chain. So…. 4′ x 12 = 48” 48/.7 ( 48 divided by .7) = 68.5 divided by12 = 5′ 8 1/2”

Now…. instead of counting how many stitches, I marked out 8 1/2” on the edge of my 5′ desk and used that for my marker. Find a similar way to mark out a visual way to check.

Now, the sets of stitches, should be sets of 5 plus 7. So start out with a count of 7 and just keep adding 5 as you go until you reach the desired length. The beauty of doing it this way, is that it doesn’t make any difference if you are using fine or bulky yarn, an “H” hook or an “F” or “K”. It does not matter if you are a tight or loose crocheter. You will get the size scarf you want!!

One tip, in case you loose count in any long chain…. Make your slip knot loose enough to undo until you finish your first pattern row. Leave a longer tail also (the length needed to make enough chains to do one pattern section), this will allow you to add or undo enough chain stitches to complete your pattern row.

Enough with the pre setting…
1st row: come down to 4th chain on hook and make a double crochet. {Important! Mark the 3rd chain!} DC in next stitch. Skip 2 chain stitches and SS into next (slip stitch). *Ch 3, make 2 DC in next 2 Ch’s, skip 2 Ch’s, SS into 3rd Ch st.* This makes sets of 4 DC equivalent stitches for each set. The Ch3 is the first, the skip 2 Ch and SS makes the fourth. Do this from * to* until the last set. Here you will chain 3 and make 3 DC in last 3 chain stitches.

To make this an Infinity scarf you will need to rotate the beginning end before attaching. First though, lay out first row all right side up with the last stitch (the one on your hook) touching the chain 3 marker. This is where you would attach if you wanted a simple round eternity scarf. Now flip the first square over so the top corner of first and last are touching. Slid the first square down the side of the last so they are butt up against each other. See the way the stitches go on each square? They go the same way and that is bad. So… tip the first square over fat-wise so the bottom is up against the last square. The marker should be at the bottom touching the bottom of the last square. Put your marker through both stitches to connect the squares here. Now, at the top, slip stitch to the corner of the first square that is right next to it and chain 3.

That is absolutely the hardest thing I have ever tried to ‘show’ in words!

Now, because, after all that, we are on the same row one, (just continuing on the other side of the base chain.) we keep going in the same direction until we reach the place on the other side where the marker is. Remove the marker and SS through both corners together.

2nd row: Turn your work and work 2 SS up side of last square made, (this is how every new row will start) * SS into bar on top of the square (used to be side) , chain 3, make 3 DC into bar and * SS into bar at top of next square. Continue around top and bottom of piece until you reach the 2 squares together. The last square of the round ends with a SS into the connected space between the 2 squares. (This is how you will eventually end your last round).

3rd row to last row. Repeat row 2 until the scarf is the width you want.

Finishing row: For this row we will be working on the top ends of the stitches instead of on the bar sides. So to start we need to put 2 slip stitches in the actual stitches of the bar of the next square. **SS into the top of the corner stitch. Chain 2, YO (wrap yarn around hook) and put your hook through the same stitch you SS’d into, Pull loop up to height of ch 2, YO and through it again, pull up loop. YO and through all loops on hook. YO and through next st. Pull up loop, YO and through same stitch, pull up loop, YO and through all. Repeat 2 more times until you have 4 gathered loop stitches on the square. * SS into top of next corner stitch on next square and repeat from ** to** , around to where you started.

Congratulations!!! You just completed the Infinity C2C scarf!

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