Straight C2C scarf

Straight C2C scarf

Start with a HD foundation chain or chain and HD back. Make it as long as you want the finished scarf. You want sets of 4 plus one at the end of your HD row.
Number of Stitches will depend on length, hook size, yarn thickness, and whether you crochet loose or tight or somewhere in between. I used an “H” hook and 4 ply worsted weight yarn, and made mine 5 and 1/2 feet long. I also tend to be a tight crocheter.

So once you have your HD row, (call that row 1) you are ready to make your triangle row.

Row 2: Ch 4 and turn. (represents TC) DC in next stitch, HD into next, SC in next, and Slp st into next. *chain 3 (slp st = the first ch of 4) DC in next st, HD in next, SC into next and slp st into next.* Repeat from * to * to end of row. You should end with slp st at very last stitch. If you didn’t go back a few stitches and fudge it a bit with an increase or decrease as needed. Chain 5, slp st in second ch, SC in next, HD in next, DC in last. Slp st into bar hole at top of last triangle.

Row 3: (and every odd row) # Chain 3, make 3 DC into same bar hole. (from now on I mean bar hole when I say bar) Slp st into next bar # Repeat from # to # across to top of last triangle. Now, you are not at the edge! This is how every odd row will be. Chain 4, DC, HD, and SC all in bar and slp st to edge of row below. 3 slp st up end, and slp st into bar at top.

Row 4: (and every even row) Chain 3 and turn, make 3 DC in bar and slp st into bar at top of next sq. Repeat across to end. You will end up at very edge. Chain 5, slp st in second ch, SC in next, HD in next, DC in last. Slp st into bar hole at top of last square. (same as end of row 2)
Continue by making a row 3 and then a row 4, alternating until you reach desired width of scarf. End with a row 4.

At end of last row 4: closing triangle…. chain 3 instead of 5, *Make a DC in same st as Chain foundation, HD in next st, SC in next st, and slp st into top of bar.* DC in base of bar chain, HD, SC, and back to slp st in top of next bar. Repeat across to last triangle and slp st into top STITCH of last bar. Cut and tie off. Do not turn!

The 2 sides of your scarf will look more matched, if your last HD row is on the same side as your triangle row you just completed. How you proceed now, depends on how you want to end the scarf.
If you want to crochet across the two ends, then you will start your last ‘row’ at the front bottom of the first HC row. Connect your yarn at the outermost point of the end.

For SC on the ends….
SC twice in the side of the HD, SC twice in each triangle and HD in each junction of the triangles. At top of end, chain 2 and HD across to other end. Ch 1 and SC twice in side of HD, and match pattern of other end.

For HD at the ends…
Slp st into same corner st and make 3 HD in ‘top’ of HD row (where the first triangle row ends at the edge. Place 2 HD in each triangle and a DC in each junction of triangles. across end. In last stitch, place 4 HD and then HD down side to other end. Place 4 HD crochets in last stitch and match pattern on other end. Add 2 extra HD at point where last triangle row meets the HD row, and slp st to corner. Cut and tie off.
Congrats! You did it!

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3 Responses to Straight C2C scarf

  1. I don’t understand your abbreviations. HD and TC. Please can you explain? 😦

    • chrystalkay says:

      Sorry, HD is Half double crochet. You wrap once and pull up a loop from your next stitch, then yarn over and pull a loop through all three loops on hook. TC is a triple crochet. Yarn over the hook twice, then pull up a loop from your next stitch, YO and pull a loop through 2 loops on hook, repeat 2 more times.

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