Flags and Banners Crocheted Bag

flags and banners bag

Flags and Banners Crocheted Bag

For yarn and hook, see bottom.

Start with a magic circle, or chain 4 and slip stitch to first ch.

R1 – 12 DC in Magic circle or Ch 4 ring Slp St to first DC and chain 3
R2 – 2 DC in each DC around. (24 DCs) Slp St to first and chain 3
R3 – 1 DC [Ch 3 is the first DC in each row], then 2 DCs in next DC, 1 DC in next and 2 DCs in next around. (36 DCs) Slp St to first and chain 3 – do at end of every round of bottom
R4 – 1 DC in next DC and 2 DC in next. 1 DC in next 2 DCs then 2 DCs in next stitch. (48 DCs)
R5 – Pattern is 1 DC in first 3 DCs then, 2 DCs in next stitch, repeat around (60 DCs)
R6 – Pattern is 1 DC in first 4 DCs, then 2 DCs in next stitch, repeat around (72 DCs)
R7 – Pattern is 1 DC in first 5 DCs, then 2 DCs in next stitch, repeat around (84 Dcs)
R8 – Pattern is 1 DC in first 6 DCs, then 2 DCs in next stitch, repeat around (96 DCs)
R9 – Pattern is 1 DC in first 7 DCs, then 2 DCs in next stitch, repeat around (108 DCs)

This is the end of the flat bottom (about 10″ dia.)


1 row around the bottom to start the sides.
Look at the edge of the last row. You see the ‘V’ loop that is the stitch. There is a thread below that , on the back side. Go through the back of that top loop and the thread below.
See 5:32 to 6:01 on video
You will be making a ‘barred slip stitch’ through the 2 threads.
Pull feed yarn in front of stitch you are going to use. Tip the hook all the way forward until you can catch the yarn with your thumb-nail. Go through the back loop of the stitch and the thread below that and pull up a loop, past the yarn held by your thumb-nail and through the loop on hook. Barred slip stitch made.
see 9:32 – 9:50 on video
Repeat around bottom and slip stitch to first st.

Side Pattern……
R1 Begin with chain 3. [first 2 ch.s are for the first HDC, 3rd Ch. is for a Ch. 1 space. This will start each row on the sides] HDC in next stitch and Ch1, DC in next stitch and Ch 1, TC in next, Ch1, Double-Tripple (I call this a quad) in next stitch. No Chain! *Skip 4 stitches and HDC in 5th stitch. Repeat…. Ch 1, HDC in next, Ch1, DC in next, Ch 1, TC in next, Ch 1, QC in next, No Chain!*  and repeat * – * around.

To end round, slip stitch from Quad directly to 2nd Ch in beginning Ch 3. Ch 3 and turn.

[ Double-Triple or Quad = QC. YO 3 times, pull loop up from next stitch, pull through 2 loops 4 times.]

R 2 HDC in next stitch (top of QC), Ch 1, DC in next stitch (in Ch 1 space), Ch 1, TC in top of TC, Ch 1, QC in next Ch 1 space, No Chain 1! HDC in next HDC. Continue as in Row 1 for a total of 19 side rows…. about 12″ tall. Add more if you want it deeper. You should have an odd # of rows.

Row 20 You are now on the outside of the bag again, Ch 2. Do one row of SC, Slip stitch into first SC. Tie off or use this place to set your handle placement.

How long you want your handles depends on if you want to cary them in your hand, or over your shoulder. For hand cary, use the length below, for over the shoulder or across chest, make your own measurements.
First take four markers, (pins, clips, yarn ends, etc.) Lay bag out flat, mark each edge.
Now match the 2 markers in middle and again lay flat and mark edges. You have now marked the beginning and ends of your handles. (4 equal places around bag rim.)

From one marker, or the last slip stitch, make a chain for aprox 18″. At this point, place end at next marker and see if this is the length you want it. If not, take out or add chain stitches. Make sure your chain is not twisted before ataching. Now slip stitch end to that marker spot and tie off.
Go to next marker and attach yarn, chain same length as first handle. Slip stitch to next marker, making sure the chain is not twisted.

Chain 2 and DC around to beginning of next handle. HDC on each stitch of the handle. You want to use the back humps of each chain stitch… the little bump that is formed on the opposite side of the loop or ‘v’ side. At the other end of the handle, change to DC and starting with the next stitch of the rim, DC to the first handle. Again switch to HDC and use the back humps to the other end of the handle. Slip stitch to top of Ch 2.

Ch 2 and do a barred slip stitch Around the entire top and handles. Slip stitch to top of Ch 2, and tie off.

Inside of handles……
At next stitch from where you joined the Slip Stitch, Ch 3 and DC across rim to other end of handle. Change to HDC and follow handle back to the first Ch 3. Ch 2 and do a barred slip stitch completely around the inside . Slip stitch to top of Ch 3. Tie off and bury ends.

Yarn used for video was Bernat homecarfters cotton yarn. It is a 4 weight (American) or 10 weight. I used a ‘G’ hook, but an ‘F’, ‘H’, or ‘I’ would work just as well. Regular 4 weight yarn will work as well as will any yarn, but you may need to adjust the hook size or the # of rows to get the size bag you want.

Different size hooks will give you different sizes, so if you want the same size but want a tighter or looser look, you will need to change the number of base rows, and/or the # of side rows. If you want a smaller bag, you can modify the pattern by leaving out the Quad stitch. Use, HDC, DC, TC and skip 3 instead of 4 stitches before making your next HDC.

Use a larger hook and more rows and make a big beach bag for blankets and towels.
Use plarn, made out of used grocery bags and have an eye popping bag to show off at the store!

You can use a TC around the top and weave a strip of colorful fabric or a thin scarf around, for a nice contrast. You can add a row of TC above the bottom barred slip stitch for the same effect as the top. Use solid contrasting color for the top and handle area, or only for the HDCs of the handle. You can alternate colors every row or add a row of SC or HDC every few rows, with or without an alternate color.

Video for left handers:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvGQXo8Q_iE

Change video from left to right:  https://youtu.be/GRJFEW1apc4?list=PLHC72TfuEIZH3gjwted_JbD1-MnUu_qda

Have fun and let this be your own creation! It shouldn’t look like mine, it should look like Yours!!

Happy Hooking everyone!

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