Plarn Grocery bag

Green plarn bag

Below are the written instructions for this pattern.  On this link is the  You Tube video for it.

Plarn grocery bag

Start out with a chain that is 16 – 18″ long. Make sure it is loose enough to get into easily.  Plarn can cling to itself and make tight crochet impossible. Now you don’t have to count the stitches, it doesn’t matter at this point if they are odd or even in number. They will end up even.

Row 1 –  Put a little scrap of yarn or a stitch marker in the first chain st. and in the last one.  SC in every chain st., using only the back hump of each stitch.   When you reach the end, add 2 more SC’s to the last stitch on the hump side,  then hold the material so that your next 3 SC’s are on the ‘V’ side of the stitch.  This gives you a 6 stitch half circle on the end.  Now SC down the ‘V’ side of the chain to the first chain st.  Add 2 more stitches to the ‘V’ side of the chain, then move your hold so the next 2 are on the bump side.  Slip stitch to first SC, CH 1,

Row 2  –  Sc through both top strands of each stitch all the way around. No increase on ends.  Slp st to first SC in row and chain 3.

Row 3     Wrap twice, skip one stitch, and go into the second SC. Pull up a loop and pull through 2 loops on hook, repeat once, now pull a loop through all 3 loops on hook.  (A made) ** Chain 1, wrap hook twice, and go back into last stitch used at the bottom of the A. Go through 2 loops twice like before, (still 2 loops on hook) (V made) Wrap twice, skip one st, and go into next st. go through 2 loops twice and then through all 3 on hook. ** You now know how to make the pattern stitches. Your last A will end in the same stitch you started your first A on… the bottom of the chain 3. Chain 1 and slip stitch to top of first A.

Row 4 –   Slip st around the last CH 1 space, and CH 3. This is the first leg of you first A. continue around in pattern using the CH 1 spaces only for the bases of your A’s. Next row, Slip st forward into the next CH 1 space. Alternate all the way up to the height you want your bag, ( Aprox 12 to 14″ usually.) or your starting point will walk around your bag as you go up.

Rim of top –  Make a row of HDC around top of last pattern row, and then a row of SC. Or if you prefer, just 1 or 2 rows of SC.

To make the handles –   chain aprox 22 “.  SC even for 4 rows, Chain 1 and turn. SC across end, down other side and across other end. and tie off.  (5 rows of SC.) Sew handles onto the bag with a plarn loop and large needle.  Place both ends of each handle on the same side of the bag, evenly spaced from each end, and reaching down at least 5 rows from the top.   Pin in place.  Make sure each stitch goes around at least 3 strands of plarn. Sew up one side of handle, across top, aprox 1” from bag top, and down the other.  Finish off across the bottom end of handle, pull plarn to inside now and weave ends in. Match other handle in placement and enjoy your new bag!.

To vary your bag’s look,  Use an alternate color in a couple of rows… separate or together.  When you do this, add a single row of SC all around the handles before adding them.  It really brings out the alternate color. Or you can add the alternate color by using it for the base and the handles and add an applique to the sides.  I don’t do the applique for myself. because I want as little bulk in the bag as possible for rolling them up and storing them all in one bag.  But for a take-along bag or a beach bag, a little applique goes a long way.

Don’t be afraid to use any crochet design you like for the side design.  Just use a smaller hook if it is a more open design so things don’t fall through!  LOL  This same bag can be made much more closed up too, with DC instead of TC A’s and V’s  Or you can go straight HDC or even SC and use different color plarns to make a varied look.  Just remember, the shorter the stitch, the more bags you are going to need.  That would be a good way to use a LOT of bags if you really have a lot and want to get rid of them!

Happy plarning … I mean hooking everyone!

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3 Responses to Plarn Grocery bag

  1. Love your work I was wondering if you can use tall kitchen garbage bags the 13 gallon one also?I really enjoy you on you tube!

    • chrystalkay says:

      You can use any kind of bag from little pooper scooper bags to yard sized bags. You only need to adjust the width of the cut and the hook size according to what you want to make and the actual thickness of the bag. Some small shop size bags are so thick i need to use them for scrubbers and floor mats. One box of 45 gallon bags i got on ‘sale’ were so thin as to be useless for holding anything heavy. So they became balls of black plarn and work perfectly as a 3/4″ wide continuous strip. The loops were just too big for accurate looping without help, and I work alone sooo… But yes, kitchen bags will work just fine. If they are hefty kind, make the loops a little thinner, other than that, go for it!

  2. Marcia D. Smith aka Topsy says:

    What a Great Teacher!! So clear and comfortable with your subject. Thank you and your helper.

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