Try a Squared diamond Granny shrug!

Hi Guys!

I just saw a Crochet crowd video ( ) of a shrug made out of a granny square.  It has a written design too ( ), and calls for a square about the size of the squared granny.  I think I am going to turn mine into one!

Crochet Modern Granny Shrug by Jeanne Steinhilber

You can also make it a temporary one by attaching ties to the corners and tying it together.  Or get some big buttons and sew them back to back and pull them through the spaces, a couple rows in from the corner.

I will try mine in temp mode so I can use it as a bed decoration in the non cold months.  How about letting me know what you think?  Got any shrug patterns you favor?

Here is one made out of just a rectangle, and worn three different ways….

(  )

And last, here is a Janket!  Because it just buttons together and can be used as a blanket too…  ( )

Happy hookin guys!

(and stay warm!)

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