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These are poems I have written.

I love writing poetry. I have tried several styles and am always wanting to try something new. But mostly it comes out whole and is what it is.
There are a few that I had to struggle with to get right, but most have come fully born as is.

Where do I get ideas?

Some are from my own thoughts and feelings, some are inspired by a movie, picture or song that resonates and produces a written response in poetic form.
Some express the writer in me and some the loneliness I feel with my better half gone from the world.

I look at the world through my perception filters. And the greatest of these is my love for God. He has given me what little talent I have and has guided and protected me through life. It is only fair that I add those poems that He is a part of in this collection.

I hope you enjoy some of these, and that you too will turn your hand at writing some poetry.

Poems About writing

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